Industrial queens

Have you ever been to the Leeds Industrial museum? It’s housed in a beautiful grade 2 listed building, which used to be one of the world’s largest woollen mills. Last week they opened a new exhibition called Queens of Industry and housed in this latest collection is one of our pieces (!).

Queens of Industry is an exhibition paying respect to the ordinary women who were plucked from various factories and given the task of representing industries such as coal, wool and the railway. These women were so much more than decorative mascots, they were huge morale boosters and ambassadors for UK industry.

It’s a very surreal feeling to see the Calver Smock on display, especially in an exhibition as relevant and exciting as Queens of Industry. I would highly recommend a visit, not least because if you’re like me, you will love looking back at an era when we were leaders in production and innovation for textiles. 

The exhibition runs until September 2019. You can purchase the Calver Smock here.

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