When we're not making clothes we like to run projects to encourage, empower and motivate people to get making.


Women of Steel

Exploring the role of women in manufacturing and industry.

From October 2016 to January 2017 we hosted a series of workshops and talks exploring the role of women in manufacturing and industry. We focused on three themes; Trades, Technology and Engineering. The project was run from the Yorkshire Artspace gallery, where we had a pop-up shop and studio.

This work is supported by the Sheffield Culture Consortium through Year of Making 2016, Making Ways and Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence.


Run of show

Manual trades- Naomi Englekamp, WEST (Liz Kettle and Roz Glencoe)
Technology- Leila Johnston and Beatrice Karol Burks
Engineering- Carol Morris and Zoe Laughlin

Woodworking- Sue Clarke
Electronics- Joanne Armitage  
3D printing/modelling- Paul Sohi